CUSCO - Adjustable Front Pillowball Mounts
Manufacturer: CUSCO
Other Info: The camber kit is not for the long distance driver. They transmit a lot of road noise to the cockpit. There is no installation between the strut and the pillow mount, so you get to hear every thing your tires hit. That is the major downside to the kits. The positives are what it will do for you handling. First, it is all steel and aluminum construction. You don't have to worry about pillow ball flex. These don't flex. You can put the stiffest, meanest, roughest riding strut you can get your hands on, hook it up to this mount, and not worry about bounce or flex. You can see the four hex bolts that hold the adjusters to the mount. They won't let your strut move around, or break loose. The big thing here is safety. Now a major convenience is the ability to adjust your camber and caster to your specifications for a day of racing, then adjust it back to normal after you are done without undo tire or driveline wear. If you are going to mess with your alignment settings, do it right, and do it safely.
Vendors: ASR

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