Subee-Sound - Interior sidepanel mount subwoofer enclosure
Manufacturer: Subee-Sound
Other Info: This box is built for 8” drivers that do not exceed 4.5” of mounting depth. Construction consists of a 3/4" MDF baffle with a countersunk mounting hole, and carpeted in light gray trunk liner. The rest of the box is constructed of 1/2" MDF that is glued and nailed together. A router adds the finishing touch to this box, leaving all edges smooth and perfectly aligned. A terminal cup is mounted on the front of the box for easy wire connection once the vehicles side panel is removed. The box combines good accurate response, with good overall volume, while taking up absolutely no usable cabin space. The enclosure comes with a grill that will fit into the factory cloth insert and be held in by screws from the backside of the panel. Overall enclosure volume is about .5 cu ft. Mounting consists of 8 holes that are designed to screw to the metal of the car behind the rear seat side panel.
Comment: The enclosure comes pre-filled with polyfill stuffing and is ready to be installed upon delivery. Dynamat or other sound deadening is strongly suggested behind the box and along the front mounting edge of the vehicles metal. *For coupes only*
Applications: MY93-01 Impreza
Vendors: Subee-Sound

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