Hella - Rallye 4000
Manufacturer: Hella
Other Info: The RALLYE 4000 represents the latest in technology and lighting engineering. The Rallye 4000 is available in two versions - The Rallye 4000 Halogen and the Rallye 4000 MotorSport. The MotorSport was the first High-Intensity Gas Discharge auxiliary driving lamp commercially available. The Rallye 4000 (Halogen) is powered by a conventional 100 Watt Halogen H1 type bulb (130 watt H1 bulb available extra). It measures 9 5/64"H x 8 3/4"W x 5 1/16"D and is available in a black matte finish, is available in Fog (55W), Driving, Pencil and Cornering patterns and is only sold in single units. A High Performance Wiring Harness is available for the Rallye 4000 which features plugs that mate directly to two lamps for ease of installation.
Applications: Any/All
Vendors: Susquehanna MotorSports
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