STi - Solid Front and Rear Strut Top Hats
Manufacturer: STi
Other Info: The STi pillow mounts are the best compromise between adjustable camber plates and the stock pillow mounts. When you go to an upgrade shock/strut or spring, the stock pillow mounts can actually flex under pressure, allowing the car to porpus, or bounce. Now, the adjustable camber plates being made of steel and aluminum offer the absolute best performance options by allowing the individual to adjust camber/caster to their liking, but at the cost of intrusive road noise. The STi mounts offer great strength through there steel, and hard rubber design that will let you upgrade to a better performance shock, but still retain a more civilized sound level from within the car. If you drive long distances, use your car everyday, but still want better suspension, this pillow mount system is a great compromise.

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