STi - Mud Flaps (Complete With Hardware)
Manufacturer: STi
Other Info: These STi Mud flaps are top of the line in appearance, quality, and performance. The hardware that holds these flaps is made of the finest aluminum to keep them secure to your car under the most rigorous conditions. If you want the best quality, look no further these are the flaps for your Subaru. You will be extremely pleased with this purchase as these flaps will last for a very long time. The top left picture is of the rear flaps. The top picture is of the rear flaps, the middle is the front flaps, and the bottom is the hardware. The rear flaps are 11 inches wide, and the fronts nearly 16 inches wide. The front flaps are wide enough to help protect the under carriage from the debris your tires are spinning up as you rip down your favorite gravel road.
Comment: Available in yellow, blue, white, red, or black.
Applications: MY93+ Impreza

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