Vacanza - Mud Flaps
Manufacturer: Vacanza
Other Info: * More affordable than the STi mud flaps. * Offer outstanding protection from rocks, and debris. * Very rugged.
Comment: The Vacanza mud flaps come with all mounting hardware and instructions. They are only available in red. These flaps have proven to be popular in their ruggedness, and are more affordable than the STi mud flaps. They are worth their value to the gravel road racer who wants to keep all the nicks and scratches off their car. Also, as many of you know, the stock molded plastic mud flaps are known for catching snow, and allowing it build between the flap and the tire. This build-up also keeps your tire tread filled with snow, thus giving you less traction. And of course who can forget the annoying sounds you hear when driving. These flaps will not let snow build up because they have a smooth inside finish that keeps snow from doing this.
Applications: MY93+ Impreza

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