Kaaz - Limited Slip Differential (Rear)
Manufacturer: Kaaz
Other Info: With a normal differential, which a majority of the cars today are factory fitted with, the operation is very basic. The differential simply separates the power from the engine to the two wheels giving the wheel which is simpler to run more power so that the two wheels are running at different speed, thus providing easier turn for the car. But, when the car is turning at higher speeds, the car will tilt to one side, and you hear the squelching sound. The car doesn't tilt as much as you see in the action movies, but tilting still occurs. When this happens, the normal differential puts more power on the wheel that is in the air, which is useless until the car is out of the turn. This is where a KAAZ L.S.D. can help to reduce the loss of power transferred to the wheel.
Vendors: B-SpecUSA
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