HKS - Turbo Timer
Manufacturer: HKS
Other Info: The HKS Turbo Timer is a must for any turbocharged vehicle. The HKS Turbo Timer is designed to extend turbocharger life by allowing the engine to idle for a pre-set amount of time after the ignition key has been turned off and removed from the key cylinder. This permits the engine oil to circulate through the turbocharger bearing housing, drawing heat out of the bearings and impeller shaft in order to bring the temperature down to a safe level before the engine is shut down.
Comment: Features:
15 Preset Times
* 0:00 - 3:00 minutes, 0:30 second intervals
* 3:00 - 9:00 minutes, 1:00 minute intervals
* 9:59 and 9.99 minutes
Audible Alarm Feature
An audible "Beep" can be activated or deactivated to "hear" the countdown.
ADD/Hour Meter Mode
Vendors: B-SpecUSA

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