HKS - EVC (Electronic Valve Controller) Boost Controller
Manufacturer: HKS
Other Info: In order to achieve the maximum potential from a turbocharged engine, it is necessary to control the boost levels. The EVC units provide immediate push button selection of preset levels of boost pressure, plus a return to factory boost level, by switching the EVC units off. All boost selections and adjustments are accessible from within the cockpit of the vehicle, which gives the driver the ability to change boost pressure on the fly. Aided by fuzzy logic, the EVC also possesses the ability to learn the vehicles boost pressure curve. This learning feature allows a maximum reduction in turbo lag without overboosting.
Comment: FEATURES:
*Adjustable up to 2.0 Kg/cm2 or 29 psi
*Digital Real Time Vacuum and Boost Meter
*Direct Boost Input
*Low and High preset modes
*Liquid Crystal Display
*Scramble Boost Feature allows added boost pressure for a preset amount of time
*External Scramble boost trigger Interface
*Visual and Audible Overboost Warning Feature
*Can be used with internal- or external-type wastegates
*Fuzzy Logic Programming will memorize the cars natural boost curve and optimize it
Vendors: B-SpecUSA

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