BPM - SSR Series Clutch
Manufacturer: BPM
Other Info: The BPM SSR series clutch system is designed to handle increased horsepower and torque applications whilst, still retaining the smoothness and drivability of a standard clutch. Each pressure plate is hand assembled and tested to ensure it is to our specifications. It is supplied with a new release bearing and an organic clutch plate with a modified facing. This ensures smooth engagement and good integrity under high performance conditions. BPM believe that the easier a car is to drive, the easier it is for the same vehicle to be driven quickly. Clutches for even higher horsepower applications can be custom built to specific order through BPM's worldwide dealers.
Comment: Clutch designed for street/strip/rally with excellent drivability; Superior torque/hp handling without compromising drivability.
Applications: MY02 Impreza WRX
MY93+ Impreza
Vendors: iSR Performance
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